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The Disney Scoop, Issue #010-- Disney Discounts, New Dining Plan Option, EMH changes, and more....
September 01, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Well, well, well! What a month for Disney news and announcements! 2009 Vacation Packages and Dining Plan information was released along with some really great discounts for the remainder of 2008. Of course the discount wasn’t applicable to MY vacation – but that’s a topic for another time and place……

The 100 Day point for my family’s upcoming trip has come and gone! We have printed and constructed our Vacation Countdown Chain and the boys have begun the daily ritual of arguing over who gets to tear off that day’s link!! If you haven’t already seen our countdown chain, check it out at It’s a fun activity for the whole family.

**Note: I recently added both sides of the chain in PDF versions to facilitate the printing process and to eliminate any loss of formatting. Use these PDFs if you want to use the chain as it is presented – with no customization. Otherwise, follow the download instructions.

Here is a quick monthly update on the hugely popular planning spreadsheet files. Since posting the files in a new location on an external web host, they have now been downloaded over 2100 times! Wouldn’t that be funny if I saw someone in Disney World with the spreadsheet that I created!?

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please send me a note.

Okay, on with the news!

Disney World News

No more wristbands for EMH

On September 7th, 2008 the use of wristbands for the Extra Magic Hours will be discontinued. In order to take advantage of the EMH, guests staying at a Disney Resort need only to show their resort ID or Key to the World card.

In case you are not familiar with EMH, each day one of the parks either opens an hour early or stays open up to three hours after regular park closing. Only Disney Resort guests can use these extra hours.

For more information about the hours, EMH schedule, and which attractions are included, please see the Extra Magic Hours section of the website.

Hall of Presidents closing for refurbishment…

The Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to close for an extensive refurbishment starting November 1, 2008. It is slated to re-open by July 2009 with significant changes and enhancements.

This may not be a big deal to many of you since a lot of people find the Hall of Presidents to be a snore - or a welcome respite from the heat….but I have to say that my kids were really disappointed since we have always missed it on our previous visits! Besides being big fans of “Presidential biographies” (kid-versions only), they were really looking forward to the whole audio-animatronics side of the show – especially the “whispers”! What can I say, with two engineers for parents they are fascinated by all of the Imagineering details!

2009 Quick Service Dining Plan

For 2009, Disney has added an additional option to the dining plan. The new option is called the Quick Service Dining Plan and it can be added to any 2009 Disney Magic Your Way Vacation Package. The Quick Service Dining Plan option costs $29.99 per person per night for adults, and $8.99 per person per night for kids ages 3-9.

Get all of the details about the Quick Service Dining Plan.

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Disney World Specials

Check the Discounts page for up-to-date Disney specials and discount codes.

Disney World Package Discounts for the rest of 2008

Tip of the Month

Remember where you park!

This month’s tip comes directly from one of your fellow “Scoopers”! Thanks to Kelli for this great tip.

“Always take a picture with your cell phone or camera of the row number you parked in at the airport... I can't tell you how many times this has saved me!”

I have personally done this at many places besides an airport and it really does help. I have also been known to snap a photo of my kids before leaving the hotel room each morning. That way, just in case they are separated from us, I have a full color photo showing their clothing, shoes, etc.

Be sure to visit the Tips Section for more great tips!

What’s New

I hope you enjoy the most recent additions at the Plan a Magical Vacation website:

To stay up-to-date with the recent additions, please visit our What’s New page. If you have a Disney or vacation-related idea that you wish to share with all of us, or if there is some topic you would like more info about, please contact me!

Until Next Time…
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Enjoy planning your magical Disney World Vacation!
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