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The Disney Scoop, Issue #011-- Disney Discounts, DVC News, Anniversary, and more....
October 01, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Once again we have had another month of big Disney news and some really good discounts for the upcoming months. And once again NONE of these discounts were applicable to MY vacation!

I hope that you are all enjoying the wonderful fall weather, activities and sports. Between school, cross-country, soccer and our very-busy four boys, the days until our trip are just flying by at a frightening pace!

On that note, just a little reminder that I have recently added both sides of the vacation countdown chain in PDF versions to facilitate the printing process and to eliminate any loss of formatting. Use these PDFs if you want to use the chain as it is presented – with no customization. Otherwise, follow the download instructions.

And once again, here is the quick monthly update on the ever-popular planning spreadsheet files. Since posting the files in a new location on an external web host, they have now been downloaded over 2500 times! Wouldn’t that be cool if I saw someone in Disney World with the spreadsheet that I created!?

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please send me a note.

Okay, on with the news!

Disney World News

Two New DVC Resorts Announced

On September 16th, 2008 Disney announced the addition of two new Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resorts.

The first is the long-rumored-and-finally-confirmed Bay Lake Tower, a 15-story crescent-shaped building located between the Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary Resort. It is supposed to be finished by the Fall of 2009. Bay Lake Tower will have studios as well as 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites. Most of the rooms will offer awesome views of either the Magic Kingdom or of Bay Lake. Amenities of Bay Lake Tower include:

  • Zero-entry pool complete with water slide and a separate spa and interactive children’s play area.
  • Resort-guest-only lounge on the top floor with an outdoor fireworks viewing area.
  • Covered outdoor sky-bridge connecting Bay Lake Tower to the Contemporary Resort, making the monorail easily accessible.

The other new DVC resort is a reincarnation of the old Disney Treehouses. The new Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa are scheduled to open in the Summer of 2009.

For more information about the Disney Resorts, resort-guest benefits, and room size comparisons, please see the Disney World Resorts section of the website.

2009 Theme Announced

With the Year(s) of a Million Dreams quickly coming to an end, Disney has announced the new theme for 2009. It is “Celebrations – What will you Celebrate?” Over the past few years, trends in the travel industry indicate that more and more families take vacations to celebrate some special date, anniversary, or other milestone. Naturally, Disney has picked up on this and has decided to help us all have a magical celebration vacation.

People are always looking for something special that they can add to their Disney vacation to help celebrate one of these milestones. Well, there really is a lot to choose from at the Disney World resort! According to Disney, there are more than 200 of these special experiences, such as specialty tours, fireworks cruises, safaris, and signature dining just to name a few.

As an added bonus, throughout 2009 everyone is entitled to free admission on their birthday to either Disneyland or one of the four Disney World Parks! You will need to pre-register your birthday and show a valid ID including proof of your birth date.

My immediate thought about this promotion was that many people would not be able to use it due to the fact that they are either an Annual Pass Holder or using a multi-day park ticket, therefore eliminating the need of a one-day admission. But Disney has also thought of this too! Guests who already hold a valid multi-day ticket that they will be using on their birthday can choose from other birthday treats instead, however, no cash refunds or credits will be given. For complete details, please visit

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is set to debut in late 2008. Guests of all ages can become secret agents and “save the world from various comical villains and their mad inventions”.

To begin your mission, you need to pick up a Kimmunicator at designated locations in the World Showcase. The Kimmunicator is a handheld device that guides you through your assigned mission. Throughout your mission, you will encounter a variety of Kim Possible characters, collect clues, and interact with special devices hidden throughout participating countries of the World Showcase. These countries include Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Japan, France and the United Kingdom. There is a different mission in each pavilion and each features a different villain from the animated show.

This kind of adventure brings to mind Magic Quest at the Great Wolf Lodge – but sounds like a lot more fun! Sadly, my family doesn’t know the first thing about Kim Possible….I guess we will have to do some homework before our trip! I really think my kids would enjoy the Kim Possible Adventure and hopefully we’ll try it out when we visit Epcot later this year. I promise to write up a full report after our return!

One-Year Anniversary for the Website!

Well, had its first anniversary in September and I am just amazed at how it has grown! What started as a hobby has turned into a nice source of extra income - which will of course fund future “research trips”!

This got me to thinking. In this time of economic upheaval, an internet business is a great alternative or replacement for a traditional office job. Think about it. You get to share your thoughts and opinions on a topic near and dear to your heart – and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home – even in your pajamas if you wish!

What about you? Do you have something that you are passionate about? Are you looking for a way to make some extra money each month? Are you a student, a retiree or maybe a stay-at-home mom who needs a creative outlet?

Why not start a website? I know it sounds intimidating, but think about it. I knew NOTHING about website building when I started… so I really needed a “Website-Builder-for-Dummies” kind of thing – and guess what? I found it. It's called Site Build It! It is a wonderful service that does all of the behind-the-scenes work for you – leaving you to focus solely on the content of your website.

Check it out for yourself at Site Build It!.

Please visit the Plan a Magical Vacation Amazon Store

Be sure to check out the Gifts and Shopping section of the website for all of your Disney guide books, music, and more. You can now use all of the features like Search, Checkout, and read product and customer reviews right from within the Plan a Magical Vacation website.

In case you are wondering, yes the website does earn a commission when you shop through the links on our site. Thanks to all of you who show support in this way!

Find the Cheapest Airfare

If you are looking to find the best price you have got to check out If you have ever booked your own airfare, you know what a pain it is to manually check all the different airlines for the best deal. Kayak is a travel tool that searches 140+ travel sites all at once and finds the cheapest fares for you – for flights, hotels, and even rental cars. After you get all of the results for your desired travel dates, you can then compare the results from all of the sites together – and there are many ways to filter and sort the results – all done instantly! Hotels searches are also offered, so check it out if you are planning to stay offsite in an Orlando area hotel. You can even buy direct from the airlines or agencies - Kayak is not a travel agent. And of course, Kayak is free!

Disney World Specials

Check the Discounts page for up-to-date Disney specials and discount codes.

Disney World Package Discounts for the rest of 2008

  • Good for travel dates 10/19/08 to 12/23/08
  • Must book by October 18, 2008.

  • Use the following codes when booking:
    • DLK for a regular Magic Your Package
    • UWI for a Magic Your Package with Dining Plan
    • KCF for a Magic Your Package with Deluxe Dining

Room Only Discounts for the rest of 2008

  • Good for travel dates 10/19/08 to 12/23/08
  • Must book by October 18, 2008.
  • Use code NYB when booking.

FREE Dining Discount for Disney VISA Cardholders

  • Good for travel dates 11/9/08-12/6/08 to 12/14/08-12/20/08
  • Use code QXZ when booking.

  • As always, certain restrictions apply and availability is very limited.

  • More Info:

    Tip of the Month

    Remember where you park!

    This month’s tip comes directly from one of your fellow “Scoopers”! Thanks to Amy R. for this great tip.

    “I saw your photo mat suggestion for autographs and loved it! We make take homemade autograph books – and I am also a scrapbooker. When we return, I add photos of each child with the character who autographed that page. Before my kids could read, this was a great way for them to "read" their autograph books. The kids love to look at their books and take them to school. Adding the photos makes it more than just a bunch of signatures.”

    Thanks again to Amy for sharing her tip on making a practical use of those all-important Character autographs. If you have a minute, check out my kids’ autograph photo mats and scrapbooks – they really are fun and inexpensive to make!

    Be sure to visit the Tips Section for more great tips!

    What’s New

    I hope you enjoy the most recent additions at the Plan a Magical Vacation website:

    To stay up-to-date with the recent additions, please visit our What’s New page. If you have a Disney or vacation-related idea that you wish to share with all of us, or if there is some topic you would like more info about, please contact me!

    Until Next Time…
    Well, that’s all for this month. Be sure to bookmark or add us to your favorites so you can stay informed of all of the changes at
    Enjoy planning your magical Disney World Vacation!
    Best regards,

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