Balancing Act

by Kay
(Ontario, Canada)

To help countdown the day until our Disney World vacation, we have been watching Classic Disney movies together, and some new ones too. We talked to lots of friends who've been to Disney World and listened to their stories. We went to a nearby Disney store and purchased some fun t-shirts for our trip. We set up extra "chores" for each child to complete for Disney spending money. We took the boys to Disney on Ice. My boys have also asked to make and decorate their own autograph books for the trip.

The other goal in waiting is to strive for balance. We talked about saving not only for Disney, but slowly setting aside money for charities and community needs. We've also "shelved" the trip periodically. That's because the excitement would kill us!

Kathy's notes:
Great ideas Kay! That's cute that they want to decorate their own autograph books. One trip we had the boys collect their character autographs directly on a photo mat while at Disney. After the trip they each chose a favorite picture to insert in the mat. You can check them out at the link below.

Disney Character Autograph Photo Mats.

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