Barry's Best Epcot Tips

by Barry
(Atlanta, GA)

I read your Epcot tip page the night before going to Epcot with my family and found the advice very helpful. So much so in fact that I wanted give back with a couple of observations of my own:

1) If you want to ride Soarin (and you do, because it is really cool!), you absolutely have to get the Fast Pass almost as soon as you're in the gate. We got ours early and rode at 11:45 am; by the time we came out of the ride, they were done issuing Fast Passes for the day!

2) We were there this past weekend (early April) and the temp topped out at at 90 degrees. This is still mild by Orlando standards, but was plenty hot for my 6 and 8 year old. We really tried to take our time and pace ourselves so we could enjoy the day. A key part of this was having a nice sit down meal for lunch. Yes, this is a bit of a splurge, but it is worth it! We ate in the English Pub around 1:00 and were already feeling pretty beat down by the heat when we got there. After a nice, relaxing, air conditioned lunch overlooking the lagoon, we were all fully refreshed and ready to go. Sitting out in the shade and grabbing a bite just won't re-charge your batteries the same way.

3) For an afternoon snack, you just can't beat the French Patisserie. We got there a little after 4:00 and it was of course packed. But the narrow street is almost fully shaded in the afternoon, and as I waited in line to purchase our treats, my wife and kids meandered in the street waiting for a table outside the shop to open up. Soon enough one did, and it was a great place to take a break. The best tables are the ones towards the back of the street, near the entrance to the French Souvenir shop. The doors of the shop stay open and the AC wafting out was almost as delicious as the Eclairs!

4) To watch the Illuminations fireworks, we camped out near the Italian bridge by the lagoon and view was amazing, (an Epcot employee we were chatting with as we waited said she'd seen the show from all over the park, but the view from Italy was by far her favorite.) Be prepared to stake your claim by 8pm though. We sat and ate our pizza dinner while we waited and it was really quite nice.

Kathy's notes:
These are really great Epcot tips Barry! You are so definitely right about getting a FastPass for Soarin'. That is our number one task as soon as we enter Epcot in the morning! And I always recommend at least one sit down meal per day...but especially when the weather is very hot. And what can I say - Illuminations is awesome - I'm going to try your tip on my next trip!


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