Breakfast in Room

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Breakfast in Room

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Saves time and money!

Breakfast in room = Extra Hour in the Park

Having breakfast in your room could save a tremendous amount of time – and money – each day. Think about it. Eating breakfast at the food court can be expensive and time consuming.

You also have to wait until everyone in your family is dressed and ready to go out for the day, and then go and order and then eat. By the time you get everyone ready to go, the food court is already crowded with all of the other families who are doing the exact same thing!

Face it, you are probably going to spend a good portion of your day waiting in lines and dealing with crowds – why start with breakfast?

Now for the breakfast in room scenario…..While each person has his or her “bathroom time” each morning, the other members of the family could be enjoying their breakfast in their pajamas and watching the Disney Channel or the weather, or even catching a few extra minutes of shut-eye.

There are lots of ways to accomplish the “breakfast in room” feat, whether you drove to Disney or took a plane. There are options such as cold cereal, muffins, cereal bars, fruit, or any other easy to pack food items. The moderate and deluxe rooms are equipped with refrigerators, so you could even store milk (which can usually be purchased at the resort store) for cereal.

You can always stop at a local grocery store (or arrange a food-store-stop on the way from the airport) to pick up some breakfast essentials. If you decide to pack stuff in your suitcase, you get the added benefit of extra luggage space to fit all of your souvenirs for the flight / drive home!

Now, I am not saying to skip a much anticipated Character Breakfast or even to do this every day, but having breakfast in your room is definitely a great way to gain some time and save some money!

Even if you are using the Dining Plan, packed breakfasts are a good idea –saves all of your counter and table credits for Lunch and Dinner.

Bottom line?

Eat breakfast in your resort room and get to the parks early. You’ll spend far less time waiting for park transportation and you’ll get to enjoy the parks and attractions with less crowds.

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