Buy Before You Go

by meagansmoneysavers

To save money on Disney World souveniers, we buy them before we go. My daughter is still little so she is always telling me that she wants this or that light-up thing from the parks. So what we do is go to the dollar store and spend about $10 on glow sticks for her and bring them with us. The dollar tree has some really cute glowing wands and necklaces.

Also, if you want to get creative you can buy matching ribbon (or Disney-themed ribbon) and tie it to the wands. We also go to Wal*Mart and buy their light spinners for $5 each instead of spending $20 on one in the parks. You can spruce these up by adding stickers.

You can also find other little light-up things at your local party store. This should save you a BIG chunk of money!

PS. If you head to an off-property supermarket, they may sell disney-themed balloons. Just tie them to your kid's stroller or wrist and walk right into the parks with them. Cast members usually wont say anything.

Kathy's notes:
Great ideas! We have done this exact thing! All kids just love those light-up and spinny things and they really are expensive in the parks - especially if you have more than one child. And I totally agree about checking out the local dollar stores. One trip I had little gifts for each of the boys each morning. Most of the items were bought at the Dollar Store before we left home. When they are little they are easy to please!

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