Changing Bad Dreams into Happy Memories.

by Dawn Rodriguez
(Crestview, Florida)

For over 25 years, I have had this bad dream over and over. I am just outside of the gates of Disney World, but cannot get in.

I can see the rides and people having fun, but for some reason I can't get through to the other side of the fence. I walk along the gates and see the coasters rolling by, the happy thrilling sounds of the riders as they squeal in delight. I am so close, yet I can't participate.

As I walk along the borders, there are souvenir shops that I can go through, but nothing like what waits just beyond those gates. I feel the excitement of being near but the disappointment of not being able to get in.

Those bad dreams are about to come to an end. I will finally be going to Disney World and going THROUGH those gates. Once and for all I will be putting an end to those bad dreams.

I will be riding rides, enjoying the fun inside. I will be able to visit the gift shops, experience the different cuisines, go to the worlds of Epcot, and have the time of my life. I will be able to taste, touch, smell, feel and hear the full Disney experience.

Not only will I be there but I will be able to share it with my two grandsons too. As I look forward to my Disney vacation, I know that I am finally going to change those bad dreams into happy memories.

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