Currency Converter


Currency Converter


You can use this currency converter to easily figure the equivalent value between the currencies of two countries.

Obviously, if you are using this calculator to help in planning your trip to Disney World, you will want to convert your currency into US Dollars.

You can exchange foreign currency at select locations in Disney World, and probably at a better exchange rate than at the airport.

You can even use your foreign currency to pay the bill at some Disney restaurants. You will be subject to the exchange rate at the time, and will receive any change owed in US Dollars. Travelers Checks drawn on foreign currency are also accepted.


Foreign coins are not accepted. One exception is that Walt Disney World will accept Canadian coins valued up to $1 without using exchange rates.

I suggest you come prepared with Travelers Checks or US dollars. It’ll just be one less thing to worry about!

To use the currency convertor chart below, simply find the currency of your home country in the first column. Then select the currency to convert to.


If you are visiting Disney World from Europe, select Euro in the first column and US Dollars in the second.

Then fill in the FROM or TO box with a desired amount.

The resulting calculations will include an equivalent amount of the targeted currency, as well as a conversion rate.

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