Deluxe Dining Plan

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Deluxe Dining Plan

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Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan offers an easy way to enjoy snacks and meals at over 100 selected restaurants throughout the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Character Dining, Dinner Shows, and Signature Dining are all included in the Dining Plan.

From extremely elegant to cool and casual, I’m sure you’ll find a great meal that fits your style and schedule. See the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan Brochure (pdf file)  for complete details.

Purchasing the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan allows you to have an almost all-inclusive Disney vacation.

I say almost because the gratuity is not included in the dining plan price.

But still, having all of your meals paid for in advance makes for wonderful and stress-free dining experiences.

You must purchase a Disney World Vacation Package to be able to add the Deluxe Dining Plan.

Disney DELUXE Dining Plan Brochure

A side note about gratuities. An 18% gratuity is automatically added for parties of 6 or more. A gratuity may also be added automatically for any items that you order that are not included on the dining plan – like alcoholic beverages.

Other items that are not included in the dining plan are some bottled drinks, in-room mini-bars, souvenir or refillable mugs, snacks and drinks from rental counters, glow cubes, and any special photos received during a meal.

WHAT do I get with the Dining Plan?

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan includes:

  • three (3) meals (your choice of counter or table service)
  • two (2) snacks
  • one(1) Resort refillable drink mug per person

The meals and snacks mentioned above are per person, per night of your package stay for everyone in the party over the age of 3. Guests under the age of 3 may share from an adult plate at no extra charge or they may simply purchase a meal from the menu.

NOTE: Children ages 3-9 must order from the children’s menu when there is one.

So in other words, a guest staying for 5 nights would be entitled to 1 refillable mug, 15 meals, and 10 snacks, all to be used however he wishes throughout the length of his stay. A family of 4 (all over age 3), would receive a total of 4 refillable mugs, 60 meals, and 40 snacks for a 5 night stay.

HOW do I use the Dining Plan?

You can use your meals and snacks in any order you wish whenever you want throughout your stay up until midnight on the day you check out. To redeem a credit, you simply “pay” with your Key to the World Card (your room key). All credits are tracked automatically for you and you will receive a receipt showing the remaining credit balance at each transaction.

So the family of four in the example above can use the 4 meal credits for a table service breakfast, 8 credits for a dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table (2 per person), 4 snacks for lunch, and 4 snack credits for bottled water each, all one particular day. On another day maybe they would only use 8 counters for breakfast and lunch, 4 for dinners, and only 4 snacks. But they would have 4 leftover snack credits this day.

You can continue using snacks and meal credits in any combination or order you want for the rest of your package stay until each person has depleted his or her allotted meal and snack credits.

WHERE do I use the Dining Plan?

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan is accepted at over 100 selected Quick Service and Table Service locations throughout Disney World, including Character Meal locations.

You can also use the plan at a multitude of snack locations. Most Quick Service restaurants, outdoor food carts, and locations selling ice-cream novelties, popcorn, or drinks will accept the dining plan.

WHAT about Character and Signature Dining?

You can use the dining plan for Character and Signature Dining. Character Meals will “cost” you one table service credit. Except for Cinderella’s Royal Table, which requires the use of 2 table service credits for each person.

Signature Dining meals and Category 2 or 3 at the Dinner Shows also require 2 table service credits for each person in your party.

You can also use the dining plan for In-Room Dining or Pizza Delivery at your Resort. Two table service meal credits will be redeemed for each Private In-Room meal ordered. Likewise, two adult table service credits have to be used for the Pizza Delivery option.

Personal Thoughts and Opinions

In my opinion, I think this is an awful lot of food. However, if you plan on dining at a lot of Signature Restaurants or Dinner Shows, which both require 2 credits per person per meal, then I say that the Deluxe Dining Plan is a good deal. If you are not a fan of counter service dining, and plan on most, if not all, of your dining experiences to be table service, then the economical analysis definitely favors the Deluxe Plan.

If you feel that the deluxe plan is too much, you may want to consider the basic Disney Dining Plan.

If you are considering the Deluxe Plan, I strongly suggest that you thoroughly plan out the usage of all of your meal and snack credits. Make sure that the cost of the plan is worth it. And remember, any credits remaining on your account at midnight on the day of checkout are lost and no refunds are given.

If for some reason you end up with extra counter service credits, consider getting a meal “to go”. Grab a meal for the car or plane trip home.

Also, stop your food court on your way out to use any remaining snack credits. The first time my family used the Disney Dining Plan we came home with 17 Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie treats!!

You can click here for the official Deluxe Disney Dining Plan Brochure. This brochure shows all the details of the plan, including a list of participating restaurants.

Bon Appetit!

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