Disney American Idol

Disney American Idol

A new Disney American Idol attraction is slated to debut in late 2008. It will be located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. Guests will experience the challenge of auditioning, the rush of performing on stage in competition, or the thrill of judging the performances in a live interactive setting with all the glitz and glamour of the real American Idol. Kind of sounds like the discontinued Who Wants to be a Millionaire show.

Disney American Idol

The audition process will be open to all who register. Registered guests will then perform live in front of a Disney Hollywood Studios producer. They then get to work with a vocal coach and hair and make-up artists to prepare for another performance – this time in front of a live audience and a panel of judges.

Guest performers with the highest votes will compete in an end-of-the-day Grand Finale show at Walt Disney World, and the winner of that will receive a guaranteed reservation for a future regional stadium audition for the real American Idol. I have heard that they will actually be given a front-of-the-line pass, which is quite nice considering the length of those lines!

This new Disney attraction gives real people a shot to make their dream a reality. I think that sums up the whole of Disney World!

I am curious to see how the judging process is handled. Maybe they will use something similar to the way your answers were gathered in the old Who Wants to Be a Millionaire attraction. That way the audience will truly be involved. I just hope that the performers are not subjected to any kind of Simon-like criticism. After all, this is Disney World!

If the audience really does do the judging, I would have to believe that the grand finale winners would have an advantage in the real AI auditions, and that they would tend to go to “Hollywood” and beyond.

My family and I are looking forward to checking out this highly anticipated attraction.