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Check here for some great Disney Baby and Toddler Tips. All of these tips are from people who have had success in visiting Disney World with a baby or toddler in tow - and some of them are really good!

Keeping a baby or toddler happy can sometimes be a daunting task in your own home...let alone a Theme Park! But don't delay your Disney vacation "until they're old enough to remember" or "until you don't need a stroller". Some of my most precious memories are from the trips when at least one of the boys was a toddler. To see it through their eyes is magical! I always say you need to take them when they are small for yourself!! You can always go back again when they are bigger...

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  • If you need a stroller, don't rent one at the park. Go to WalMart and pick up an inexpensive umbrella stroller for about $20. The park strollers will be bulkier and end up costing more over the course of your stay. Thanks for the Tip Mark!
  • If you have to rent a Disney World stroller, know the rental fee and be sure to budget for the additional cost of the stroller.
  • If you have kids that want to see certain characters, check the times guide for their locations and times. Thanks for the Tip Joe!
  • Disney does not offer full sized cribs. They only offer the Pack-and-Play size. If you need a regular crib, you can always rent from a place like orlandocribrental.com. Thanks for the Tip Alissa!
  • Get to the parks early! Take a break in the afternoon for naps or rest, and then return to the parks for dinner.
  • Have your kids drink plenty of water. Thirst can cause grumpiness! Thanks for the Disney baby Tip Mike!
  • Use the baby swap for those rides that the adults want to experience but that the kids are too small or scared! The parent who waits with a young childwhile the other parent rides the attraction can get on the ride with minimal wait timeonce the first parent comes off. This is one of the BEST Disney baby and toddler tips!
  • You can have your purchasesdelivered to Package Pick-up, near the exit, or directly to your room if you are staying at aDisney resort.If you have a baby or toddler, this could save you from lugging around any more than you already have!!

  • Watch the live entertainment. Little ones love this stuff! Check the times guide for the schedule when you get there.

  • At Fantasmic, if you sit close to the front, the fire effects may betoo intense for real little kids.

  • Don't forget to bring your autograph book.

  • Make table-service restaurant reservations well in advance.

  • Dress your child in casual clothes and comfortable shoes.

  • Be on the lookout for characters. Go withthem to see the characters so that the children are less intimidated.

  • One of the best ways to spend time with the characters up close is by dining a ta Character meal.

  • Measure a child's height before arrival at the park so you know which attractions the child can ride.

  • Pal Mickey interacts with attractions and events throughout the Disney Hollywood Studios.

  • Even the youngest child will enjoy these favorites: It’s a Small World, Dumbo ,Cinderella’s Carousel, Philharmagic, and the daily parade.

  • Remember your camera, and to actually use it! They’re only that little once – be sure to capture their face when they see Mickey in person – it’s priceless!

  • Both water parks have kiddie areas.

  • Bring your own water and snacks. This will save you lots of money and time. Probably the best Disney baby and toddler tip.
  • To save money and time, buy Disney themedsouvenirs ahead of time. Check your local dollar store or Disney Store orDisneyShopping.com before your vacation. You don’t need much to satisfy a little one!

  • Milk and other healthy meal options are available at most Disney restaurants.

  • All of the table-service restaurants have high chairs and booster seats.

  • Most Disney restaurants offer children's menus, plus crayons and coloring books tokeep kids entertained.

  • Some little kids might be frightened during the 3D shows. Plus the glasses won’t fit them sorrectly.

  • You cannot take a stroller into the Fantasmic amphitheater. And it is a royal pain to get it back afterward – so be prepared!

  • Rent strollers, wheelchairs, and electric convenience vehicles at the Guest Relations area at each park. It is usually located near the main entrance.

  • Bring a favorite toy. It can help make a hotel room feel more like home. This is a great Disney Baby and Toddler tip that many people may not think of.

  • You can reserve a Disney crib in advance for your room. Bed guardrails are alsoavailable on request.

  • In-room baby-sitting services or child-care programs are available at select resorts. This is a great way to have an “adult-only” night out.

  • Most of the Disney Resorts have a Kiddie Pool.

  • Baby Care Centers are located at all of the parks. There are private rooms with rocking chairs and low lighting for nursing mothers. The feeding rooms have highchairs, bibs and plastic spoons; plus diaper-changing rooms. You can even purchase baby-care products like disposable diapers, pull-on rubber pants, and formula.

  • There are baby-changing stations in all bathrooms, including men's and familyrest rooms. This is where it is nice to have all boys – my husband has to take them into the men’s room!

  • When you rent a Disney stroller in one park, save your receipt. You can get another stroller in a different park that same day.

  • Sit near the back or on the side of attractions in case you need a quick exit.

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