Disney Countdown Tips


Disney Countdown Tips


Below is a listing of Disney Countdown Tips.

If you ask me waiting for a Disney vacation is worse than waiting for Christmas!

It seems like a never-ending period of time from when you book the trip to when you actually get to go.

Well, I’ve put together some tips to help pass this time in a Disney-fied manner.


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  • Explore all of the Disney Dining options available and make reservations for the ones you want.
  • Check the Disney Vacation Countdown section for lots of fun things to see and do and make before your trip.
  • Make some sort of vacation countdown calendar or chain. Here is the countdown chain that I used for my family. 
  • Install a Countdown Clock on your computer desktop.
  • If you are going during the Holiday season, you could make our own Custom Disney Santa Hats like I did.
  • Make Custom Pin Collecting Lanyard Tags with each kids name on it.
  • Make or buy Disney activity or guide books for the kids. They’ll be entertained while learning about Disney World. I recommend the Guide to the Magic series for kids.
  • While you’re at it, pick up a guide book for yourself too. After the major planning issues are taken care of, it is fun to leisurely read about the various parks and their nuances.
  • Get yourself a digital camera, if you don’t already have one. And learn how to use it! Practice taking photos using the different settings before your trip.
  • I recommend the Canon Elph series of cameras. We have the Canon SD750, and just love it. It is small, inexpensive, and really easy to use. Plus it has a huge 3-inch LCD screen. I would also recommend buying a large memory card and an extra battery.
  • Start saving those pennies! For a fun way to save them, make yourself a Disney World Piggy Bank. It’s easy and fun!
  • Make each person their very own Pressed Pennies change holder. This is handy to hold the coins both before and after the “squishing” process.
  • Learn about Walt Disney and his philosophies. You’ll appreciate Disney World a little bit more when you understand the motivation behind it all. A great way to learn about Walt is to read some of his more famous quotations.
  • Buy Disney Dollars and give your kids plenty of opportunities to earn them – through chores, holidays, rewards, or allowance.
  • Read about the Theme Parks so you know what to expect and which attractions you most want to see.

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Planning a Disney World vacation can be overwhelming – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all the best tips and hints all in one place?

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