Disney Crowd Tips


Disney Crowd Tips


Below are some great Disney Crowd Tips. I don’t know about you, but being in a mobbed crowd is not my idea of a good time, especially on a hot Florida day with four kids in tow!

There used to be definite slow times at Disney World, but sadly it seems that this is just not true anymore. In recent years, Disney has offered really great discounts in order to fill up the resort rooms, and parents seem to be more willing to pull their kids out of school for an expensive vacation like Disney World.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’ll be dealing with crowds of people no matter when you visit Disney World.

Obviously, the absolute best way to avoid the crowds at Disney World is simply not to go – but that is sooooo not an option! So I suggest that you check out the Disney crowd tips below for ways to avoid or just simply deal with these sometimes massive throngs of people.

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  • Check the crowd level calendar to get an idea of the crowd sizes throughout the year and to determine the best time to go to Disney World.
  • Pay attention to the park hours for the time you are going. The parks have extended hours during the busier times, and close earlier during not-so-busy times or for special events. Also check the extra magic hours schedule.
  • Choose your dining experiences more than six months in advance. Do not expect to just walk into a table service restaurant – whether it is crowded or not. People really do make restaurant reservations six months in advance!
  • Pack casual clothes and comfortable shoes for all members of your family. When it’s crowded and hot, the last thing you need is uncomfortable clothes or shoes (or a child or husband with uncomfortable clothing!)
  • Have a general plan of attack. I am not saying to plan out every single minute of your trip, but you should know which park you’ll visit and you’ll be eating on each day. Use the Disney Vacation Planning Spreadsheet to get this information organized nicely.
  • Plan to get to the parks early! The parks are busiest between 11 am and 3 pm. Take a break in the afternoon for naps or rest, and then return to the parks for dinner.
  • Use the FastPass system. This is so easy to use and a great time saver. Instead of waiting in a super long line, stick your admission ticket into one of the FastPass machines located outside of of a FastPass-equipped attraction. It will spit out a FastPass with a time window printed on it. You simply come back during this time frame and go straight to the FastPass line, which is usually very short.
  • Check the Tip Board for the park you are in. The board display current wait times for the most popular attractions.
  • To avoid crowds in the restaurants, eat at off-peak times. For example, have lunch at 11 am or after 2 pm. This is my favorite Disney crowd tip – when you or you kids are hungry, the last thing you want to see is a long line at the restaurant.
  • If there are two parades or showings of Fantasmic, plan on attending the later one. While most people are watching the first showing, you could enjoy some rides or attractions with less crowds and wait times.
  • Avoid the parks on their busiest days.
  • Magic Kingdom:


    Disney Studios:

    Animal Kingdom:

    Saturday, Sunday, Monday

    Wednesday, Friday

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

    Monday, Tuesday, Friday

    The World Showcase is almost never crowded. Yes there are lots of

  •  people there on any given day, but the WS and Epcot as a whole, has the ability to handle large masses of people and you won’t feel claustrophobic.
  • On the other hand, the Disney Studios does not handle large crowds well at all.
  • Watch the Magic Kingdom parade from Frontierland or Liberty Square – Main Street is always mobbed.
  • At night when exiting the parks after Fantasmic or Wishes, cut through the shops along Main Street (MK) or Hollywood Blvd. (Studios). The shops are all connected inside and you will avoid the masses of people out on the street and sidewalks.
  • Also, when the herds of people are trying to exit the parks at closing time – just hang back and wait until the crowds subside. Relax and enjoy a bench or shop. Let everybody else “hurry up to wait” for a bus or monorail!
  • Travel during the Disney Value Season. It varies from year to year but usually corresponds to when most kids are in school. Note that the southern schools resume classes in mid-August. Even within the Value season, September and January are the least crowded.
  • The most crowded time at Disney World is the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Also, Easter and Spring break are super crowded times.
  • When traveling around the parks or choosing a queue line, always go to the left. It sounds crazy but it works! I guess our brains are wired to make us always choose the right side of things or something!
  • Depending on your preferences and your family’s vacationing style, either take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours, or else avoid the park that has the EMH for that day.

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