Disney Music

Disney Music

Listening to Disney music lets you relive (or prepare for) your perfect vacation! Here is a comprehensive collection of Disney Park music, movie soundtracks, and other compilations.

Just select what kind of music you are looking for, or simply scroll down to see all of the music.

Disney World Park Music

Nothing beats bringing home a little bit of Disney World! In my house, not a day goes by without some sort of Disney World music being played. We especially like the music from the parks and all the fireworks shows. The Illuminations CD is by far our favorite, with Wishes a close second. Check here for a mini-review on the Illuminations soundtrack. It is fantastic!

Fireworks Soundtracks



Music from the Resort Hotels

The music played at the resorts really sets the mood and compliments the theme of the individual resort. Below are some lists of the available music from select Disney World resort hotels.

Wilderness Lodge Music

Disney Songs done in various styles

I personally have Heigh Ho Mozart and Bibbidi Bobbidi Bach and love them both.

We have multiple copies in the house and the cars. These CDs are wonderful for the kids or just for some soothing classical music – with a Disney flavor of course!

I highly recommend all three!


Movie Soundtracks

Enchanted DVD and Soundtrack Review