Disney Planning Tools


Disney Planning Tools


You have found the Disney Planning Tools section of the plan-a-magical-vacation website. This is a collection of spreadsheets, calculators, and other tools that I use when I am planning a Disney World Vacation. I hope you find these planning tools useful!

Check back often – more tools will be added periodically.

Disney Vacation Planning Spreadsheet
Looking for an easy way to plan out your Disney vacation? This Disney planning tool is a spreadsheet that allows you to have all of your vacation information in one place.

Simply input whatever you need to keep track of, like travel information, dining and resort information, park hoursextra magic hours, parade times, and show times.

Sample and Blank spreadsheets are available to download.

Disney Crowd Levels
A chart showing the Disney crowd levels throughout a typical year. Use the chart as a guide when selecting the week for your vacation.

Currency Converter 
You can use this currency converter to easily figure the equivalent value between the currencies of two countries. This planning tool is useful for all international travel, not just Disney-related!

Gas Mileage Calculator 
A handy Gas Mileage Calculator that helps you budget for a road trip. Includes a city-to-city mileage calculator as well as a fuel-cost calculator.

Tipping Chart
Use this tipping chart to figure out the tip amount when dining out. Includes 18% and 20% gratuity values. This is one planning tool you should print out and take with you!

Vacation Countdown Calculator
This is a handy little calculator that computes the amount of days until your vacation. Simply enter in your departure date and it will do the rest!

Disney World Weather
A synopsis of the average Orlando weather throughout a typical year. Use the information as a guide when choosing the week for your vacation.

Tools offered by Google
Google offers a bunch of great software applications – all FREE. The one I use the most is Google Earth. Google Earth is an awesome program that enables you to get aerial views of anywhere on earth.

It is very fun (and addicting!) to look at Disney from the sky. This tool is fast, easy, and best of all – FREE!