Disney Santa Hat

Disney Santa Hat

Make your own Disney Santa Hat

Santa Hats - the 7 cousins!
Santa Hats – the 7 cousins!

Each “Dwarf” had his or her own custom Disney Santa Hat!

A couple of years back, we went to Disney World in December with my sisters and their families. I knew that it could be cold at that time of year and that we would probably need some kind of hats for the kids – especially my boys with their buzz-cuts! So, I decided to have some fun with this and make everyone a personalized Santa hat.

Since there were seven kids, I matched each child to one the seven dwarfs. Amazingly, the personalities fit pretty well!

Many, many jokes were made about other names that we should have used. “Whiney”, “Cheesey”, and “Pokey” are coming to mind right now!

The kids really loved their hats and wore them throughout the entire trip – as well as before and after. The hats really put all of us into the holiday spirit and attracted lots of attention. Many people came up to us asking where we bought the hats. One lady even wanted me to make her a couple of them!

One afternoon at the Disney Studios, the kids were all lined up on the curb enjoying the parade when Cruella Devil came by. She stopped to talk to the kids and told them how much she admired their hats. She even wanted to know what kind of fur was used in making them! The kids really got a big kick out of that.

Making your own custom Disneyfied Santa hat is such a fun and simple project. I hope you enjoy making yours!

Be creative. You can also use this idea to personalize any item with a Disney flair. How about customizing shirts, bags, headbands, or whatever else you desire.

Steps to Make a Disney Santa Hat

Materials needed:

  • Santa Claus hat
  • White felt
  • Walt Disney Script font
  • Printer
  • Transfer Paper or Carbon Paper
  • Black fabric paint (or any color you choose)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and white thread


  1. Download and install the Walt Disney Script font on your computer.
  2. Use the font to print out the personalized word, name, or label that you need.
  3. With the transfer paper between your printed sheet and the felt, trace the words onto the felt.
  4. Outline and fill in the letters with the fabric paint. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
  5. Cut out the word that is now on the felt. Leave space around the letters.
  6. Attach the finished word to the fur part of the Santa hat with simple stitches.


That’s it! Wear it and enjoy!