Disney strollers and more...

by Sam N.
(Daphne, AL)

I disagree with the suggestion to avoid the Disney strollers. I love them.

My family stays in the resorts and we make use of Disney bus transportation. It is a HUGE pain to fold up a stroller right before you get on and off. (You can't have the stroller unfolded on the buses.)

So it was much easier for us to use the rentals. Plus they are sturdy and roll easily!

A few other quick tips:

First, bring glowsticks with you from Target. You get 15 for a dollar and your kids will not beg you to buy the light up toys that they sell before the fireworks.

Second, bring extra clothes with you into the parks. The kids may get wet and it is a fussy ride back to your room with your wet toddler.

And my last favorite tip is for packing. Pack all the clothing your child will wear each day in large ziploc bags. I include underwear, hairbow, socks, shoes, etc. So in the mornings all I have to do is grab a bag and not spend precious park time looking for a bow or pair of socks!


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