Disney Studios Tips

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Disney Studios Tips

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  • Make dining reservations way ahead of time. The popular restaurants fill up early during the busier seasons. Thanks for the Disney Studios Tip Ally!
  • If you have kids that want to see certain characters, check the times guide for their locations and times. Thanks for the Tip Joe!
  • Get to the park early, like as soon as the park officially opens.Thanks for the Disney Studios Tip Sue!
  • Remember to drink plenty of water. We’ve seen people taken out of theme parks in wheel chairs due to heat exhaustion. Thanks for the Disney Studios Tip Mike!
  • Don’t miss Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular or the other Stunt ShowThanks for the Disney Studios Tip Matthew!
  • Use the single rider line for Rock n Roller Coaster or The Tower of Terror. These lines go faster than the regular lines.
  • Check the Disney Studios tip board throughout the day. It displays the wait times for the popular rides.
  • Eat at off-peak times. It’s easier to get reservations, and the counter service lines won’t be as long.
  • You can have your purchases delivered to Package Pick-up, near the exit, or directly to your room if you are staying at a Disney resort.
  • If you want to ride both Rock n Roller Coaster and The Tower of Terror, check out the lines to see which one is longer. Get a Fastpass for the longer one, then ride the other, and go back for the other one at your given fastpass time.
  • Get to the park before it actually opens. There is usually a designated Disney person who will lead people to the Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster. If you want to ride these attractions, follow them. Try RNR first, you may be able to get a front seat. Ride it again if you want while the lines are still small.One of the best Disney Studios tips!
  • Take the Backlot Tour. Be ready for some special effects in the ship and canyon scenes – you might even get wet!
  • Watch the live entertainment. Shows include stunt performances, Playhouse Disney and other special performances and parades. Check the times guide for the schedule when you get there.
  • Try the nostalgic Great Movie Ride to see famous movie moments.
  • Stay for “Fantasmic!” Mickey Mouse is the hero of the show, and the special effects are outstanding! Note that if you sit in the very front, the fire effects may be too intense for real little kids.
  • There are two ATMs at the Studios: one just outside the Park entrance and one inside Toy Story Pizza Planet.
  • Most of the attractions and shows stop allowing guests to enter before the official closing time. But there are a couple that you can enter up until the very last minute. These include Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, The Great Movie Ride, Muppet Vision 3-D, and Star Tours. This is my favorite Disney Studios tip, but I once ran to get on RNR and got there just at 8:o1 pm – and they wouldn’t let us on!
  • Don’t forget to bring your autograph book.
  • Look for the Disney photopass photographers stationed throughout the park. They take some really neat photos that you will love!
  • The shops on Hollywood Boulevard are open a half hour past Park closing.
  • Make Studios dining table-service restaurant reservations well in advance.
  • Take advantage of the FastPass system. You can enjoy other attractions while your FastPass saves your place in line.
  • If your family decides to split-up, set a specific meeting place and time.
  • Study a map of the park before you visit to become familiar with the location of the attractions you are most interested in.
  • Wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes.
  • To save money and time, buy Disney themed souvenirs ahead of time. Check your local dollar store or Disney Store before your vacation.
  • Be on the lookout for characters. Many of them walk around the park and you can also see them in the parade and at special locations. Al’s Toy Barn is a great place for photographs and autographs.
  • Disney Hollywood Studios offers character dining, as well as casual dining and quick service restaurantsThese are some of the most unique restaurants on Disney property.
  • The Disney Studios Tip Board, located at the corner of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard, posts daily show times and updated wait times.
  • Measure a child’s height before arrival at the park so you know which attractions the child can ride.
  • Park show schedules, as well as park hours, vary from day to day. Check them out before you go.
  • Pal Mickey interacts with attractions and events throughout the Disney Hollywood Studios.
  • Disney pin collecting is a great way to remember a favorite attraction, event or character. Plus, it is a wonderful way to keep your kids from getting the “gimmies” in a shop or store. They can just keep trading and re-trading the pins all week! 
  • Remember your camera, and to actually use it! There are a lot of neat props and scenes to take photos in front of. Like the Singin’ in the Rain Umbrella, or the Star Wars Cruiser, or even the motorcycle in the Backlot Express. Have fun with it!
  • On the Backlot Studios Tour, if you don’t want to get wet, sit on the right side of the tram.
  • Take a picture of your kids “wearing” the big Sorceror’s hat. Just line them up in front of it from a distance.
  • Eat at the Prime Time Café. Mom or one of your “cousins” will serve you a delicious homemade meal just like mom used to make! Reservations are strongly recommended.
  • Take advantage of a Fantasmic Dinner package. You’ll get priority seating at the show without waiting in line.
  • Plan out your day if possible. Many of the attractions at the Studios are shows that have a set schedule. Check the times guide to chart out an attack plan for the day to incorporate as many shows / attractions as possible.
  • One of the most fun restaurants in the park is the Sci-Fi Drive-In. You sit in vintage cars from the 50’s and watch movies clips on a screen. Fun and clever! The kids will love it.
  • If Fantasmic! has 2 showings on the day of your visit, go to the second oneMost people will go to the first one, so you’ll be able to enjoy the rides and attractions while they are watching the show.
  • Visit the park on two separate days. It is possible to see all of the Studios attractions in two morning visits. Just be sure to get there early to take advantage of low crowds. Use your afternoons to go to a water park or the Magic Kingdom or Epcot for the rest of the day.
  • Bring your own water and snacks. This will save you lots of money and time.
  • On Star Tours, sit toward the front for a smoother ride.
  • Get to the Fantasmic! Arena early for good seats. You could even grab a counter service meal to eat in your seats while waiting for the show.
  • Some little kids might be frightened during the Muppet Vision 3D show. My boys always love it though!
  • If you are planning on a counter service lunch, try to eat either early or late. These kinds of eateries are packed between 11 and 2:30.
  • When you first enter the Studios, be sure to grab a park guide map – if you don’t already have one. You’ll need it to navigate because this park’s layout is not easy to grasp!
  • You might get wet if you sit in the first 10 rows of Fantasmic!
  • All seats are good seats when viewing Fantasmic!
  • Fantasmic! has some scary elements, like Maleficent, a snake, fireworks, and fire. Some small children may be frightened, especially if seated very close to the front.
  • You cannot take a stroller into the Fantasmic amphitheater. And it is a royal pain to get it back afterward – so be prepared!
  • Strollers, wheelchairs, and electric convenience vehicles can be rented at Guest Relations located at Oscar’s Super Service Station located to the right of the main entrance.
  • The back seat on the Rock N’ Roller Coaster it is a lot rougher than the front.
  • Be sure to bring lots of water and sun screen. And a poncho or umbrella is probably smart too.
  • Ride the rides! Disney Hollywood Studios has great thrill rides, including the fantastic Rock N Roller Coaster, Star Tours and the Tower of Terror.

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