Disney Transportation Cards

Disney Transportation Cards

Collector Cards

Disney Transportation Cards are a great example of free souvenirs that are available at Walt Disney World.

The Transportation Cards are trading-card-sized cards that you or your kids can collect while experiencing the various modes of Disney transportation.

Disney introduced this program in June of 2006. Since then hundreds of thousands of cards have been distributed.

If you are the type who likes to collect things, these cards fit the bill.

The best thing about these cards is that you cannot buy them. The operators of the different vehicles will give you one for free – all you have to do is ask! You don’t have to do anything special to get one.

In addition to not being available for purchase, these cards are limited. If you want a complete set, be prepared to travel all over to find them.

Currently, there are 18 Disney World Transportation Collector cards available on the three major modes of Disney transportation – buses, boats, and monorails.

The Complete Set

In a complete set there are 12 monorail cards, 3 boat cards and 3 bus cards.

12 Monorail Cards (one for each of the 12 Monorail colors)

Red Coral
Orange Pink
Gold Yellow
Lime Green
Blue Purple
Silver Black

3 Bus cards (one for each of the 3 bus types)

The Gillig
The Nova

3 Boat cards (one for each Watercraft type)

Ferry Boat
Motor Cruiser
Motor Launch

The cards are very cute. Each card features a Disney character along with some character triviafactsabout the vehicle, and even a tip to find a hidden Mickey somewhere on the Disney property.

Below are examples of the three types of Disney Transportation Cards.

Don’t be surprised or disappointed if your driver does not have any of the cards. Carrying and distributing the cards is done on a strictly voluntary basis, so not all of the vehicle operators have them.

Only the cast members who work for the Disney Transportation Department have access to these cards. Please don’t ask cast members working in the parks or resorts for these cards.

Also, while you are out and about collecting these cards, keep in mind that cast members who work in one transportation type do not carry the collector cards for the other transportation types. For example, a Monorail driver will not have any Watercraft or Bus cards.

So, if you are looking for a fun way to spend a day, why not try to collect the whole set? It would be kind of like a scavenger huntI know my boys would be all over this activity.

And what kid doesn’t simply love riding on each and every kind of transportation available to them? As a parent, I have to give this program two thumbs up – keeps the kids engaged and entertained, and satisfies the souvenir “gimmies” – all at no cost!

If you have a burning desire to own a complete set of the Disney Transportation collector cards but can’t or simply don’t want to collect them personally, they often show up on Ebay or other auction sites.

Good Luck collecting your own set of Disney Transportation Cards!