Disney Vacation Countdown

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Disney Vacation Countdown

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Let the Disney Vacation Countdown begin!


You’re all set.

The major planning is over.

You’ve done all the research and have made all of your travel and dining reservations for your best Disney vacation ever.

But you know what – all that was just the EASY part.

Now comes the HARD part – waiting for the trip to arrive!

Waiting for a Disney vacation can sometimes seem like an eternity. Especially if you have children and they know about the upcoming trip, but have absolutely no concept of time!

Remember how you waited and waited for Christmas to come when you were a kid? Well for many kids (and kids at heart – you know who you are!) waiting for a trip to Disney is exactly like that.

Calculate how many days until YOUR Disney Vacation!

Well, to help you and your family cope with this waiting period, I’ve put together some fun ways to endure the never-ending countdown to your departure.

Why not take advantage of this time to do some fun family activities, or maybe even learn a thing or two about Disney – whether it be the man, the parks, or the resorts…you get the picture.

My own family has done many of these things in preparation for our own trips. Some of the ideas listed below are things that we have made up ourselves, while others are borrowed from friends and fellow Disney fanatics.

Make the most of the countdown to your Disney trip. Most people are not able to go to Disney every year, or even every couple of years. For many, it is truly the trip of a lifetime.

So go ahead and make a big deal of it! Get the whole family involved in some of the fun activities listed below. It is so much fun to get the kids really excited…I’m not sure who enjoys it more!!

Fun ways to CONDUCT your Disney Vacation Countdown

  • Custom Disney Vacation Countdown Chain
  • Computer Countdown Clock
  • Send a Disney “Photo of the Day”
  • Send a daily email or text with a fun Disney fact
  • Empty one marble per day from a pre-filled jar

Things to MAKE during your Disney vacation countdown

Things to DO and LEARN while waiting

Miscellaneous other Things to DO

  • Notify School officials if your child will be missing school.
  • Have the car checked out if you are driving to Disney World.
  • Review Airline Regulations if you are flying.
  • Obtain Passports if required. (do this EARLY)
  • Prepare your home for your absence.
  • Make all arrangements for Pets and plants.
  • Make sure all medications and prescriptions are up-to-date.
  • Pack early and smartly.