Disney Vacation Planning Spreadsheet


Disney Vacation Planning Spreadsheet


An organized Disney Vacation Planning Spreadsheet will be your lifeline while you are actually in Disney World. Spend the time now to get all the important information onto this sheet.

This little paper has been a tremendous help to me on my own Disney vacations and many of my friends have also used it and loved it.

Feel free to download the spreadsheet for your own use. Please note that this spreadsheet evolves over the course of your planning. You will frequently update it and adjust it throughout the Step-by-Step vacation planning process.

Here is a sample of the spreadsheet.

Disney Vacation Planning Spreadsheet by Plan-a-Magical-Vacation.com

For a printable version of the sample schedule, simply click on the sample above.

As you can see, I like to put as much information as I can on this sheet. It is great to have everything on one piece of paper. I even print out a small copy to keep in my pocket or in my husband’s wallet. An itinerary like this is also easy to share. Just give a copy (paper or email) to whomever you want.

You can also use this spreadsheet to keep notes during your trip. Each night before bed, jot down what you did each day. When you get back home, use the sheet and your notes as a guide for documenting your trip.

I hope you find the spreadsheet helpful.

Happy Planning!

Click here for a blank Disney Planning Spreadsheet.

Steps to Create Your Disney Vacation Spreadsheet

  1. Obtain a blank copy of the spreadsheet. (see downloading instructions below)
  2. Replace the day names with the days that you will be at Disney World.
  3. Add the dates under these day names.
  4. Update all the parks hours (shown in green).
  5. Update all the parade times and fireworks times(shown in blue).
  6. Insert which park you will visit on each day in the green row.
  7. Add all of your confirmation and telephone numbers.
  8. Add all of your ADR numbers in the appropriate place.
  9. Add any other information important for your itinerary directly onto your Disney vacation planning spreadsheet.

To download a blank spreadsheet to your own computer:

  1. Access the blank spreadsheet. (You may have done this already)
  2. Follow the simple download instructions.
  3. Choose where you wish to save it to.

Note: The spreadsheet is an Excel file. If you do not have Excel, you can download a free version of Open Office here.