Disney Weather Tips


Disney Weather Tips


Below is a listing of Disney Weather Tips. While the weather in Orlando is usually glorious and warm, many times there are weather issues that require some forethought.

Disney World experiences extreme heat and humidity in the summer months, daily rain patterns during portions of the year, as well as tropical storm and hurricane possibilities. During the winter months cooler temperatures and chilly nights may catch some travelers off guard.

Read through the Disney weather tips below to ensure that you and your family will be prepared for anything that Mother Nature throws Orlando’s way!

Note: Check and double check the Disney World weather forecast before you leave home!!

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  • Check the forecast for Orlando for you trip before you go so you know what to pack.
  • Stay hydrated. I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking water or other clear fluids. If you are using a Disney Dining Plan (basic or deluxe options), you can use a snack credit to buy a bottle of water.
  • To save money or snack credits, consider having a couple of case of water delivered directly to Disney World. This saves a ton of money!
  • Know the signs of dehydration.
    These include:
    • Thirst
    • No appetite
    • Flushed Skin
    • Dark urine
    • Dry or “Cotton” mouth
    • Weakness or Fatigue
    • Chills
    • Head rushes
  • Pack casual clothes and comfortable shoes for all members of your family. When it’s crowded and hot, the last thing you need is uncomfortable clothes or shoes (or a child or husband with uncomfortable clothing!)
  • Plan to get to the parks early! The Florida sun is strongest and hottest between 11 am and 3 pm. Take a break in the afternoon for naps or rest, and then return to the parks for dinner and nighttime activities.
  • Let the kids wear their swimsuits to the Parks. There are many areas where they can cool off, whether it be a fountain or misting station.
  • The World Showcase is wonderful in the rain! Just don a poncho and bop around the world. Most of the attractions are indoor, and there are loads of shopping opportunities.
  • Be prepared – many outdoor attractions like Test Track and Big Thunder Mountain shut down during a rain storm.
  • Tour the indoor attractions, eat a meal, or see the shows while it is raining.
  • Orlando frequently has daily rain showers – but often times they only last 15 or 20 minutes. Find shelter during the rain and then enjoy lessened crowds after the shower! Many people leave the parks as soon as the rain starts!
  • Pack lightweight waterproof jackets or ponchos in advance. You can even buy disposable ponchos in your Dollar Store before your trip – a lot cheaper than buying the Disney ponchos! An extra pair of dry socks may also be a welcome item!
  • Orlando is the lightning capital of the world! If you hear thunder or see lightning, take cover immediately!
  • Go Shopping! When the rain starts falling, duck into the shops along Main Street (MK) or Hollywood Blvd. (Studios). The shops are all connected inside and you can easily wait out a storm in here.
  • If you happen to be in Disney World during a tropical storm or a hurricane, stay calm. Follow the advice of the Cast Members – they will take care of you! Be prepared to spend long periods of time in your resort room, as it will be dangerous to walk around outside in high winds.
  • The day following a bad storm or hurricane is usually beautiful! Enjoy it!
  • In the cooler months, dress in layers. The sun can still be quite warm during the day, but you will need a lightweight jacket in the evening.
  • Pack small gloves for everyone. I bought those “magic” gloves – 2 pairs for a dollar – at the Dollar Store before our last trip and we needed them at night – especially at Epcot where it seems cooler because of the expanse of water!

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