Disney World Piggy Bank


Disney World Piggy Bank


Make a Disney World Piggy Bank

Make a Disney World Piggy BankWhether you save coins or paper, you will be amazed at how quickly your savings adds up!

Here is a photo of the Disney World piggy bank that we use in our house, which has been dubbed “The Disney Fund”.

Want to make a Disney World piggy bank dedicated exclusively to your vacation fund? It is a fun way to save some money for your upcoming Disney vacation.

It was very easy to make. We simply used the container from one of those giant bear-shaped packages of animal cookies. You should be able to find one in BJ’s, Costco or even in a regular grocery store. If you can’t find one, no big deal, just use whatever you have. I would suggest using a clear transparent container. That makes it more fun because you can watch your coins pile higher and higher!

After you have eaten all of the animal cookies, wash and dry the container. You don’t want to leave any crumbs inside that might attract ants or other little visitors.

Now for the label – gotta keep focused on the end goal here! Seeing that label when you drop a coin in makes you feel one step closer to your vacation. Here is the label that we used on our bank:

Disney World Piggy Bank Label

If you would like to use this label for your own Disney World Piggy Bank, click here to download a printable version.

So, just print it out and stick it on! And now start filling it up!

My husband and I empty our pockets or coin purse each night directly into our bank. The kids add a few coins here and there. Maybe you want to save just quarters. How about singles? It is totally up to you. Sometimes I’ll stick a twenty in there just to accelerate the saving process!

I often find myself digging into the stash when the kids need money for lunch or some other reason. To help prevent this, I have started rolling the coins into wrappers. This way, I think twice before stealing from our vacation fund!

When you are ready to count it up, make it a game. Have everyone in the family take a guess at how much they think is in the piggy bank. Then take it – and the kids – to your local bank to have it counted. We like to take ours to Commerce Bank because they have the fun interactive Penny Arcade Machine. It is also free to use – an added bonus over the machines in the grocery stores. Once the coins collected through the Penny Arcade Machine are counted, they are placed in the bank’s inventory and redistributed to Commerce branches and business customers that are in need of them. So, in a sense you are doing a community service by saving for your Disney World Vacation!! (Ha Ha!)

Sometimes we take our savings and purchase Disney Dollars. The kids love to have the Disney Dollars because they are fun and have their favorite characters on them. They also are a great way to keep your souvenir spending budget in check.

Have fun and Happy Savings!

Remember: A Disney Penny saved is a Disney Penny earned!!