Disney World Stories

Disney World Stories

Do YOU have any Interesting Disney World Stories?

Please share them!!

LOVE to hear people’s Disney World Stories! I really, really, do. And you know what? So do a lot of other people!!

By now you know that plan-a-magical-vacation.com is based on my family’s Disney World stories, vacations, and how we have planned them.

But now it’s YOUR turn!

I want to hear all about your Disney World experiences and magical moments, your best tips, reviews…anything about Disney World that you’d like to share.

Whether you are a first time visitor to Disney World or a seasoned vet, your stories and experiences could help others plan their vacations.

Look through the different questions / categories below to find the best fit for your story. If you’d like to suggest a new category, please contact me. If you just can’t find a category that fits, scroll down to the bottom of this page – there is a general submission form.

You can even upload photos to complement your story! Photos are a great way to really bring a story to life. Please note that by submitting photos, you are giving us the right to post them to our site.

Please share your Disney World experiences about….

More Questions/ Categories to come…!!

Have a GREAT Disney story that doesn’t fit one of the categories?

Great! Share it anyway! This could be the start of a new category!

Please use the contact form to submit your story.

You can give as much detail as you wish – you can even upload a photo too!

Can’t wait to hear from you!