Disney World Strollers

Disney World Strollers

Disney World Strollers are available for rent at each of the four theme parks as well as the Downtown Disney area.

These strollers are subject to availability as the quantities are limited, and reservations are not accepted.

All locations offer single and double strollers except for Downtown Disney, which only has the single strollers.

Strollers are welcome at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, but they are not available for rent at those locations – so do without or bring your own.

NOTE: If you visit more than one park on one day, just hold on to your rental receipt and show it at the second park to get another stroller at no additional cost.

How much does it cost to rent a Disney World Stroller?

I really do think the cost of renting a stroller at Disney World is an outrageous amount of money. But, if you have no other choice, please be sure to add this cost into your vacation budget.

The Disney World Stroller Rental fees are:

  • SINGLE: $15.00 per day
  • DOUBLE: $31.00 per day

NOTE: A $100 credit card deposit is required per stroller rented at the Downtown Disney Area. The rented stroller must be returned to the original rental location in order to receive a refund of your deposit.

For Guests who require a stroller rental for multiple days, Disney offers a Length of Stay Stroller rental ticket. This allows you to make a one-time payment for as many days of rental that you will need. When you enter one of the parks, you just have to show your receipt at the stroller rental location and you will receive your rental stroller with little or no wait time.

The Length of Stay stroller rates are:

  • SINGLE: $13.00 per day for length of stay
  • DOUBLE: $27.00 per day for length of stay

Where are the Disney World Stroller Rental Locations?

Magic Kingdom:

  • Rentals are available at the Stroller Shop just inside the main entrance to the Park. Stroller replacements (just show your rental receipt) are available at the Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland, at Tinker Bell’s Treasures in Fantasyland, and at the Tomorrowland Arcade in Tomorrowland.


  • Rentals are available on the east side of the Entrance Plaza and at the International Gateway. Stroller replacements (just show your rental receipt) are available at Glas und Porzellan in the Germany Pavilion.

Disney Studios:

  • Rentals are available at Oscar’s Super Service just inside the Main Entrance. Stroller replacements (just show your rental receipt) are available at Tatooine Traders.

Animal Kingdom:

  • Rentals are available in limited quantities at Garden Gate Gifts at the Park entrance. Stroller replacements (just show your rental receipt) are available at Mombasa Marketplace.

Downtown Disney

  • Rentals are available at Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories at the Marketplace and at DisneyQuest Emporium at Downtown Disney West Side.


  • Stroller replacements are on a limited, first-come/first-served basis.

What are the Disney World strollers like?

The rental strollers at Disney World consist of a molded plastic body and have four wheels. The front two wheels swivel and are small, while the back wheels are large, similar to the wheels on a jogging stroller.

The Disney World stroller is most likely not the most comfortable mode of transportation that you child will ever experience! After all, the seat is made of hard plastic to withstand constant use by thousands of users. That said, the strollers do maneuver nicely and hold a fair amount of “stuff”.

All of the rental strollers look the same in any given park. This can lead to much confusion and accidental stroller theft. Even though your name is displayed on the stroller, I suggest putting something on your stroller to make it stand out from the others.


  • Do not leave any valuables in your stroller! Take your purse and camera onto the attractions with you – even though you are in Disney World you still should not let your guard down.

I remember when we were visiting Tokyo Disneyland and I was just amazed at how many people left all kinds of things in plain view in their strollers – but then again, the laws and punishments are a bit more harsh in Japan than here in the United States!

Do you really need a stroller?

Only you can answer this question, because you are the one who can tell how much you child can withstand. If you have a child under the age of 5, then I definitely recommend having a stroller at Disney World – whether you rent it there or bring your own from home. As for older kids, it’s a personal choice. A Disney World vacation includes an exorbitant amount of walking and little legs tire easily.

You might also find that you can do without a stroller for the first couple of days of your trip, and then need one for the latter half . Keep in mind the size of the different parks as well – Epcot and the Animal Kingdom are huge and require lots of walking.

When considering the necessity of a stroller, please look at the pricing. With the increase in rental fees, renting a Disney World stroller now adds a significant cost to your vacation budget.

I guess you do save a couple bucks by purchasing the length of stay rental, but the cost is just so astronomical now, I suggest that you bring your own stroller if at all possible. If you are driving to Orlando, strap it to the roof or buy an inexpensive stroller at a local store. If you are flying, check with your airline for the restrictions on the weight and amount of luggage you are allowed to bring.

The best part about having your own stroller is the fact that you can use it outside of the parks – you don’t have to wake you child up to return the stroller and then carry him or her all the way to your car or Disney transportation, not to mention around the resort itself or at a water park or Downtown Disney.

The downside to everyone bringing their own stroller is the overcrowding of the Disney buses and monorails. Some of those strollers nowadays are absolutely huge!

If you cannot bring your own stroller, just be sure to budget for the Disney World stroller rental cost. Be prepared – it would be a shame to cut your souvenir allowance just to rent a stroller!

Happy Strolling!