Disney’s Enchanted DVD and Soundtrack


Disney’s Enchanted DVD and Soundtrack


Have you purchased a copy of Disney’s Enchanted DVD and Soundtrack yet?

If not, read the following reviews of the wonderful combination animated and live-action film and its soundtrack.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are must-haves for all ages!

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Theatrical Release: November 21, 2007

Running Time: 107 Minutes

Rating: PG

Director: Kevin Lima


  • Amy Adams (Giselle),
  • Patrick Dempsey (Robert Philip),
  • James Marsden (Prince Edward),
  • Timothy Spall (Nathaniel),
  • Idina Menzel (Nancy Tremaine),
  • Rachel Covey (Morgan Philip),
  • Susan Sarandon (Queen Narissa),
  • Jeff Bennett (voice of Pip in Andalasia),
  • Kevin Lima (voice of Pip in New York),
  • Teala Dunn (voice of Bunny),
  • Fred Tatasciore (voice of Troll),
  • Tonya Pinkins (Phoebe Banks),
  • Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (Ethan Banks),
  • Jodi Benson (Sam),
  • Julie Andrews (Narrator)


  • “True Love’s Kiss”,
  • “Happy Working Song”,
  • “That’s How You Know”,
  • “That’s Amore”,
  • “So Close”,
  • “Ever Ever After”
Giselle - Disney's Enchanted  DVD and Soundtrack
Disney's Enchanted  DVD and Soundtrack

Nowadays with the movie and music industries throwing junk at you every time you turn around, it is refreshing and rare to experience a true gem – especially one that can be enjoyed with your entire family. Well, Disney has given us this gem in two forms, the Enchanted DVD and Soundtrack.

You’d think that the fairy tale well would have dried up long ago, but Disney has managed to fill the bucket to the brim once again! Enchanted is a fairy tale story with a twist. This story is about an animated princess (Giselle) from the fairy tale land of Andalasia who is thrown (literally) into modern day Manhattan by the evil Queen Narissa.

Queen Narissa - Disney's Enchanted  DVD and Soundtrack

Narissa, fearful that she will lose her throne to Giselle – whom her son Edward loves, pushes Giselle into a well in Andalasia. Through the courtesy of pure magic and imagination, Giselle eventually emerges from a manhole on a New York City street. Prince Edward, who believes that Giselle is his one true love, jumps into the well to save her. And so adventure ensues.

Meanwhile, Giselle finds herself in a world very different from her home in Andalasia. People here in the real world don’t seem to be living “happily ever after”, nor do they believe in “true love”. She soon meets Robert, a cynical divorce lawyer who surely does not believe in true love – but he eventually comes around.

I really don’t want to give any more of the story away. But I will say that in true fairy tale fashion, true love prevails. The story is very entertaining and engaging. The real world happenings are intermixed with glimpses back to Andalasia, culminating in a very exciting and satisfying fairy tale ending.

The movie itself is absolutely stunning. The animation, music and casting are perfect. Amy Adams, the actress who portrays Giselle, nails the performance. I was utterly amazed at how she became Giselle. Her wide-eyed expressions, lovely voice, and body movements epitomize a true Disney Princess. Just watch her hand movements throughout the movie! She is exactly like an animated Princess!

I think we all could learn a lot from Giselle. Her wonderful voice, sweet personality and ever-positive attitude evoke the mindset that anything is possible when you possess the feeling of love.

Get your copies of the Enchanted DVD and soundtrack today! You won’t be disappointed – in fact, I bet it will improve any mood you’re in!!

Buy the Enchanted DVD and Soundtrack from Amazon.comWidescreen * Fullscreen * Soundtrack

Giselle - Disney's Enchanted  DVD and Soundtrack
Disney's Enchanted  DVD and Soundtrack

The Enchanted Movie Soundtrack

The Enchanted Soundtrack. features six vocal tunes from the movie and nine instrumental pieces.

The music is by Alan Menken, famed composer for The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

While all the songs are wonderful, my favorite is That’s How You Know From the first little drum beats to the sweeping finale, this song really gets you tapping along with it. It’s one of those songs you’ll find yourself mindlessly humming at odd times! It really sticks in your head.

While it is not prominently featured during the movie, you’ve probably heard “Ever Ever After” by American Idol’s Carrie Underwood.

The enhanced version of the “Enchanted” soundtrack includes CD-ROM bonus features. You can simply place it into your computer for a music video version of “Ever Ever After,” performed by Carrie Underwood. Additionally, the liner notes include the lyrics for all the songs from the film, as well as selected photos.

Overall, the Enchanted Soundtrack is every bit as charming and enchanting as the movie. It is definitely one of the magical Disney classics.

Below is a listing of the tracks included:

  1. True Love’s Kiss
  2. Happy Working Song
  3. That’s How You Know
  4. So Close
  5. Ever Ever After
  6. Andalasia
  7. Into the Well
  8. Robert Says Goodbye
  9. Nathaniel and Pip
  10. Prince Edward’s Search
  11. Girls Gone Shopping
  12. Narissa Arrives
  13. Storybook Ending
  14. Enchanted Suite
  15. That’s Amore

The full soundtrack as well as the individual songs are available both on itunes and Amazon.com whichever you prefer.