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Epcot Tips


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  • Stay for Illuminations,the fireworks and light show that happens each night. It is worth it, very cool. Also the most popular ride seems to be Soarin. When you get to Epcot the first thing you should do is get a fastpass for that ride. Thanks for the Epcot Tip Joel!
  • When viewing the fireworks, make sure the wind is to your back. If the wind is to your face, all you’re going to see is a cloud of smoke. It kinda ruins the show. Thanks for the Epcot Tip Ash!
  • Also, there’s a “hidden” spot right next to fish and chips stand. It’s usually a less crowded place to see the showThanks again Ash!
  • Don’t put your face right above those fountains with the jumping streams of water, no matter how sure you are that you’ve got amazing reflexes. Thanks for the Epcot Tip Yergray!
  • You do not need a map to locate Test Track — just listen for a loud zooming sound, followed by a chorus of screams. The same goes for the Tower of Terror at MGM. Thanks again Yergray!
  • The Japanese restaurant is one of the best places to eat in the whole of Disney. If you go to the sushi bar side of it before the fireworks show starts, you can watch the whole thing right out the window while you eat delicious, relatively cheap sushi. Thanks Yergray!
  • Do not sample the alcoholic beverages at the Food & Wine Festival BEFORE going on Mission Space. You will live to regret it and so will everyone who rides with you. Thanks Yergray!
  • There is no reason why you can’t spend most of the day in the other parks and then go to EPCOT every night for dinner, in my humble opinion. There’s a lot more variety there than say, theMagic Kingdom dining options, so if you’re sick of cheeseburgers and french fries, hey, Epcot’s only a monorail ride away! Thanks Yergray!
  • Take advantage of the different fastpass systems that aren’t connected! Thanks for the Epcot tip ZUESEFL!
  • Try a different food from each country in the World Showcase.
  • Make dining reservations way ahead of time. The popular restaurants fill up early during the busier seasons. One of the best Epcot tips!
  • Tour Future World in the late afternoon / evening time, it will be less crowded.
  • If you want to see the characters, check the times guide for their locations.
  • Make a point to watch the water fountain show at Fountainview Plaza.
  • If you are there during the Food and Wine Festival, you can feast your way around World Showcase sampling the foods of each country.
  • Use the Fast Pass system for Test Track and Soarin’.
  • Pack or buy a snack and eat it while enjoying one of the frequently scheduled shows throughout Future World and the World Showcase.
  • Don’t miss the Jammitors in Future World or the acrobats in China.
  • If it will be hot, let the kids wear bathing suits so they can cool off in the splash fountains. If needed, bring dry clothes to change into.
  • You can see lots of different characters in the World Showcase countries. We saw Pinocchio in Italy and Robin Hood in Germany once.
  • If you like Small World, then you’ll like the ride in Mexico.
  • Sometimes Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland hold a pretend tea party in the United Kingdom.
  • There is a log-flume-like ride in Norway. It is usually not crowded. Pay attention to the clever use of limited space. That boat does some innovative maneuvering! Sorry, my “engineer” side is showing!
  • Even the smallest of children will enjoying strolling around the World Showcase. Grab a snack and check out the stores.
  • There are lots of street shows in Epcot. Grab a times guide and try to see some of them.
  • You can purchase a Passport and have it stamped in each of the countries in the World Showcase.
  • Collect the same kind of thing from each country; a pin, a hat, candy, pressed penny, etc.
  • Check out the Train display next to the Germany pavilion. It is often overlooked.
  • Try touring the World Showcase at night. The atmosphere changes, the twinkling lights are on, and you’ll have a prime viewing location for IlluminationsAnother one of the best Epcot tips!
  • Have the kids stop at all of the Kidcot Stations in the World Showcase. They will get to decorate a mask and add details at each stop, like a stamp from each country or a special ornament.While we don’t do this on every vacation, my kids really enjoyed this activity and we still have their completed masks.
  • Talk with the cast members in the World Showcase countries. They are actually from the country they represent. This is one of my husband favorite things to do in Disney, he just loves to meet and talk to people from around the world.
  • You can start the mask making project at any Kidcot Fun Stop.
  • If you are there during the Holiday time, you will see how the different countries celebrate Christmas and their version of Santa ClausMy favorite was La Befana in Italy!
  • Make sure you try the bakery in France. Yummy!
  • Epcot is fun even in the rain. Just don a poncho or use an umbrella.
  • To save money and time, buy Disney themed souvenirs ahead of time. Check your local dollar store or Disney Store before your vacation.
  • In Japan there is a store where you can choose an oyster with a pearl in it. The cast member will clean it for you and put it in a nice little box.
  • There is a little area behind and below the pub in England that is a great place to watch Illuminations.
  • Honey I Shrunk the Audience may be too scary and intense for young kids. You know your kids the best – but be forewarned.
  • For Illuminations, be sure to get a good viewing location by the water at least an hour before the show starts. It can get really crowded.
  • If you are only going to Epcot for the Illuminations fireworks, go to the Boardwalk or Beach Club resorts first. Then just walk to the back entrance of Epcot – brings you right into the World Showcase. After the fireworks, exit the park using this same entrance / exit. You’ll beat all the crowds! My favorite Epcot tip!
  • If you or someone you know is a tea enthusiast, you’ve got to check out the tea shop in the United Kingdom – right near the Rose and Crown. They sell imported cookies and crackers as well as neat tea accessories.
  • Make dinner reservations for the Rose and Crown in the United Kingdom for around 8 pm. Ask to be seated outside on the patio. You’ll have a great dinner and awesome seats for watching Illuminations.
  • Go to the World Showcase as soon as it opens at 11:00 a.m. Tour Future World in the late afternoon.
  • Make reservations for lunch instead of dinner at the table service restaurants. You’ll have the same experience for a lot less money. Just grab a counter service dinner or a snack later in the day.
  • A lot of kids like Future World better than the World Showcase.
  • The best place to view Illuminations is behind the store between Mexico and Canada (right up against the railing). Be sure to get there early, it fills up completely.
  • Use the single rider line for Test Track or Soarin’. These lines go faster than the regular lines.
  • Check the EPCOT tip board throughout the day. It is located between the Innoventions plazas and displays the wait times for the popular rides.
  • Sit up front in the American Adventure show. It is amazing to see each and every movement and expression made by the audio-animatronic characters.
  • Get to the park early – even before the stated opening time. You are often allowed to ride Spaceship Earth before the park officially opens. A little known Epcot tip!
  • Eat at off-peak times. It’s easier to get reservations, and the counter service lines won’t be as long.
  • Get a stroller for your child!! Epcot is really big and requires a lot of walking.
  • Don’t be afraid to shop, shop, shop at Epcot. You can always have your purchases delivered to Package Pick-up, near the exit, or directly to your room if you are staying at a Disney resort.
    If you want to visit Test Track and Mission: SPACE, check out the lines to see which one is longer. Get a Fastpass for the longer one, then ride the other, and go back for the other one at your given fastpass time.
  • Soarin’ is the most popular attraction and Fastpasses often run out in the morning. Make sure you go there first.
    Travel clockwise around World Showcase, starting at Mexico. Not just an Epcot tip, it’s true all over Disney World – always go to the left!!
  • The most crowded attractions are Mission: SPACE, Test Track, Soarin’ & Spaceship Earth.
  • Ride Spaceship Earth in the afternoon. No wait!
  • Ride the ferry boats that run across the World Showcase Lagoon to go from country to country, this will provide a rest from all the walking.
  • If you are there during the Holiday season, don’t miss the Candlelight Processional. You can even purchase a Candlelight Processional Dinner Package to save you from waiting in line for the show.

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