Kidcot Fun Stops

Kidcot Fun Stops


Visiting the Kidcot Fun Stops is a fun way for kids to learn about each country or section of the Epcot World Showcase and Future World.

Plus they get to make a great souvenir for free!

Kidcot Fun StopYou might be thinking that your kids won’t enjoy Epcot. Some people think that Epcot is just for adults. I can kind of understand this thinking.

Some little kids may get bored while visiting the World Showcase. But even the smallest Disney fan will enjoy the Kidcot Fun Stops.

The Fun Stops are special areas scattered throughout the park where the kids can do an activity and interact with Cast Members.

Young visitors are encouraged to draw, write, stamp and create art at these locations.

And guess what – it is completely free!

Each county of the World Showcase has one of these Fun Stops. Each provides an opportunity for your child to interact with a native of the country you are visiting.

In Future World, designated locations can be found in Innoventions East, The Land, and The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Mission: Space no longer offers a Kidcot spot.

The Kidcot Fun Stops are wonderful places to take a much-needed rest, wait for dining reservations, or allow part of your party to do some shopping with any kids in tow. You can spend as much or as little time as you wish at any of the stops.

How it Works

You can start at any one of the stops. Just find the designated area and tell the Cast Member that you are just beginning your Kidcot journey. They will give each child his or her very own mask.

You then travel around, stopping at each Kidcot location to decorate the masks.

At each stop you will encounter an activity-filled craft area where the kids receive a charm or some other special adornment for the mask.

For example, in Canada my kids were given a Maple Leaf charm to hang on the mask and in China the cast member there wrote each of the kids’ names in Chinese characters.

You can also collect stamps from each area. When you have visited all of the stops, you end up with a wonderful and colorful mask that makes a fantastic (and free) souvenir.

The first time we made masks was during the time when the Tapestry of Dreams parade was still running. The kids were each given a star-shaped ornament for their masks. In each country, Cast Members wrote the word DREAM in specific locations on this star, in their native language.

The kids also got an ornament that represented each county visited. In the evening, during the beginning of the Tapestry of Dreams parade, we punched out the centers of these star-shaped ornaments and put them in the Dream Seeker’s basket. I really liked the idea of this. It not only occupied the kids while my husband and I enjoyed the World Showcase, but it also gave meaning to the whole Kidcot and Mask experience. Plus the parade was awesome!

Unfortunately, the Tapestry of Dreams parade has been discontinued. Maybe Disney will bring it back someday!

Enjoy your trip “Around the World”!

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