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Disney World tickets are called Magic Your Way Tickets.

The your way part means that you can customize your tickets, paying only for those features you want.

First you start with a base ticket, which gives you admission to one theme park per day.

Base tickets are available for different amounts of days, starting from 1 day and going up to 10 days.

Next you get to decide which options you want to add to your ticket.

The available options are the Park Hopping Option which allows you to visit multiple Disney parks each day, the Water Park Fun and More Option which includes admission to the Disney water parks, Disney Quest, Wide World of Sports Complex, and Pleasure Island, or the No-Expiration Option.

Disney World Magic Your Way Ticket

Keep reading for further explanation of the MYW tickets and options. Or, if you wish, you can go directly to viewing the prices for Disney tickets (both gate prices and discounted prices).

If you are interested in Disney World Annual Passes or if you are a Florida resident, there are special ticket options available for you instead of the MYW passes.

Important things to know about Magic Your Way Tickets:

  • All Disney tickets are non-transferrable. When you use your ticket at any of the the turnstiles, you will be asked to put your index finger into a scanning machine. This is not a big deal and no Disney is not finger-printing you. This is just their way of verifying that you and only you are able to use your ticket!
  • Unless you purchase the No-expiration option, your Magic Your Way tickets will expire 14 days after the first time you use them.
  • The daily value of a Magic Your Way ticket increases for each additional day you purchase. So the longer you stay, the less you pay per day!
  • If you are staying at a Disney resort, your ticket is also your room key. This is very convenient, but be sure to keep track of these little cards – especially if you have kids!
  • Every person who is staying in your Disney resort room must purchase the same kind of ticket, including the options.
  • You use your Disney Magic Your Way ticket to obtain Fastpass vouchers and to utilize the Extra Magic Hours. (Extra Magic Hours are only available for Disney Resort hotel guests).

Magic Your Way Add-on Options

Park Hopper Option

The Park Hopper Option allows you to visit more than one park in a single day for each day on your ticket. For example, you could spend the morning at the Magic Kingdom, return to your resort for an afternoon swim or nap, and then head over to Epcot for dinner and the Illuminations fireworks.

Personally, I will never go to Disney World without the Park Hopping feature. I really enjoy the freedom to go where I want, when I want – even with all the kids in tow!

If you feel that one park per day is fine for your family, then by all means forego the extra cost of this option. Lots of small kids will not tolerate the stimulation and time involved with traveling from park to park. It’s a judgment call that you need to make during your vacation planning process.

Water Park Fun and More Option

With this option, you gain access to the Disney water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, all of the nightclubs on Pleasure Island, Disney Quest, and the Wide World World of Sports Complex.

The number of times that you can visit these locations varies with the number of days purchased on your Magic Your Way ticket.

Note: The Water Park Fun and More Option does not give you Park Hopping privileges.

I suggest you consider a couple of things before purchasing this option. First, is your family really interested in visiting a water park or one of the other venues included?

I know for my family the only thing of interest included with this option is a water park. But honestly, the time of year that we usually travel to Disney does not always have the best water-park-weather! Don’t get me wrong, we went to Typhoon Lagoon one November day for three hours and had the time of our lives, but I don’t know if I would spend a couple hundred dollars extra to just have the option tomaybe go again.

Keep in mind that you can always buy one-day tickets to one of the water parks when you get there.

If you have small kids, the resort pool is probably enough for them. On the other hand, teens will love the water parks and Disney Quest.

Also, don’t pay for this option unless you are planning to make more than 1 visit to a water park or one of the other places listed.

No-Expiration Option

This option basically makes the unused portion of your tickets valid forever. You can come back whenever you want and use any or all of the unused days. If you have a need for this type of ticket, you can save in the long run, especially when Disney increases tickets prices.

If you travel to Disney frequently, have another trip planned in the next few years, or live close by, then this option is for you. If, on the other hand you have no idea when you’ll return to Disney or don’t plan on having any leftover days on your tickets, then skip this option.

Okay, now that you know all about the Magic Your Way tickets, it is time to make your selection. Pick the number of days you need and then the options you want. Easy as pie!

Check here or the link below for current ticket pricing including the different combinations of add-on options. Both gate prices and discounted prices are shown for comparison.

Happy Planning!

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