Ohana Character breakfast

by Martin T.
(Snohomish, Wa)

Ohana Character Breakfast was awesome. We had reservations that we had been seated in a timely manor, it did take a little wait to get seated even with reservations. Our server was friendly, and took extra care of us. The dancing, the maracas, Lilo & Stich my wife's favorites on the first morning, was a home run. The family style meal made it great so protein for my wife and I and Micky waffles and biscuits for my 10 year old daughter.

The only thing that was a hitch and nearly ruined the 7 day park trip with 3 day cruise at the end, was how she handled the Disney Dining Plan. This was our first time to WDW, first time with a DP, and our first use of the plan. So when she scanned us in the beginning i thought we were done with the formalities. SO, once they were rotating out the seating in our section, I thought they were done. We got our stuff and before we jumped on the Monorail to start day one at MK, we used the facilities. I found my wife in a debate with the server as I came out to find the family. She goes "your not done", I replied "Yes, we are, we had our fill, the food and show was awesome, you were great, I even tipped extra." She hands me back the cash I left on the table and escorted us back to the dining area. She stood us next to the Dinner bar area, not being used for the breakfast. We waited patently as we watch her go from table to table to take orders, explain things and what not, for 10 minutes until she popped in back and came out with a bill. I was confused to say the least. I knew the dining Plan (DP) covered the food, and I knew the adult drinks and gratuity were on us, but assume it would be charged to the room. I tell her "we had the DP, you scanned us upfront before the meal, isn't this taken care of?" she didn't stay long enough to answer so she was off again for 15+ minutes before she came back. I asked her the question again. She just goes "you need to pay that" and off she went.At this point the Magic was gone. We had been standing there for a half hour, with other patrons being seated around us, and giving us that weird eye, of who are you and why are you standing near us eat. I look at my Wife, who could see I had the I'm Done. I'm ready to turn the car around look. I pull out exact change for the drinks, no tip with cash, which was for emergency needs, we had everything pre-paid we could to not have to worry about anything. Walked up to the first person who might have been a manager and shoved the bill booklet into his hands and stormed out with the family. Not a great start to our trip of a lifetime. The funny thing was, all she had to do was explain it to us, being first timers, which she knew, we told her. Later we had a great server next door at KONA, that explained that we had to scan again to do the room charge for the extras, we would have been good and magical.

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