Osborne Family Lights


Osborne Family Lights


Disney Hollywood Studios


The Osborne Family Lights is a spectacular display of Christmas lights shown each year at Disney Hollywood Studios theme park.

They are located on the Streets of America and can be viewed each night during the Holiday season.

The lights were once the yearly decorations used by the Osborne family to decorate their Arkansas home for Christmas!

Over the years, their holiday lights display grew so large and attracted so many visitors and traffic, that neighbors took legal action to make them remove it! What Scrooges!!

You know, we have one of these over-decorated houses in our neighborhood too. The family has been doing it for years and it really does attract a lot of visitors – but it seems to be tradition and I can’t imagine someone being so “bah-humbuggish” as to make them stop putting it up!)

Osborne Family Lights

Osborne Family Lights

will be displayed from

November 9th , 2012 to January 4th, 2013

NO special tickets are needed to view the Osborne Lights,
however admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is required.

Anyway, in 1995 the whole Osborne family’s display was packed up and moved to Disney’s MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

Just like in recent years, this year’s lights will again dance to the music every 15 minutes. Each of the many, many displays will twinkle, dim, and blink in sync with traditional holiday music. There are over 5 million lights in all and many light sculptures, such as soldiers, angels, spinning carousels, and of course Santa and his reindeer.

Osborne Family Lights

To add to this festive atmosphere, snow falls all around on the Streets of America! It is a lot of fun to walk through this winter wonderland while munching a Christmas cookie and sipping hot chocolate, all the while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Osborne Lights.

The Osborne Lights truly are a spectacle that is not to be missed if you are visiting Disney World during the Holiday season. Where else can you enjoy such an immense display of Christmas Lights?

And you know the best part of it all? You don’t have to set it up, or take it down, or mess with tangled strings of lights!! Now that’s my kind of Christmas decorations!

Highlights of the Osborne Lights

  • over 5 million lights
  • 32 miles of extension cords
  • 66 snow machines
  • 100 gallons of snow-making mix per night
  • 43 hidden Mickeys
  • over 1500 dimmers to create the “dancing”
  • 800,000 watts of electricity
  • 30,000 lights on the red canopy
  • 80,000 lights make up the 80 ft tree – in 3 layers of color
  • 110 angels
  • 10 miles of rope light
  • 20,000 hours to set up the display
  • 2 million tie wraps



Here are some photos from the Osborne Lights.

Merry Christmas!


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