Disney Tickets and Packages


Disney Tickets and Packages


Time to select your tickets and packages!

Better buckle up, it is quite a ride….don’t worry, I’m only kidding!

Yes, Disney tickets and packages can be overwhelming, but just take it one step at a time.

Be sure you understand your options, and then pick the best ones for you.

Enough already, let’s get on with it…

So, by now you should know when you want to go to Disney World and have hopefully selected a resort, now comes the confusing part – choosing your tickets and selecting a vacation package.

Disney World Tickets

I find it somewhat surprising that a company like Disney could make this process so intimidating and utterly confusing for some people. It used to be that if you purchased a Disney World vacation package, you were given an ultimate park hopper ticket, which basically gave you unlimited admission to all Disney theme and water parks throughout the length of your stay.

Not the case anymore. Now you really have to do your homework before selecting your tickets. You essentially build your Disney Magic Your Way tickets a la carte now, picking and choosing which options you desire, and opting out of those you don’t want or won’t use. That is where the Magic Your Way name came from.

The options you can add on to a Magic Your Way Base ticket are Park HoppingWater Park Fun and more, and No Expiration.

The daily value of a MYW ticket increases for each additional day you purchase. So the longer you stay, the less you pay per day!

Of course there are also One-Day Tickets available as well as specially priced tickets for Florida residents or for those who prefer an Annual PassAnnual Passes are a great deal if you are planning more than one trip in a year.

Choose one of the ticket types or pricing below for further explanation.

Disney World Tickets


Current Ticket Prices

Disney World Vacation Packages

Once you have an idea of the kind of tickets you’ll be purchasing, it is time for the second part of the confusing Disney tickets and packages game! You have to determine if it is beneficial to go with one of the vacation packages offered by Disney.

Disney tickets and packages share a similar structure. By this I mean that Disney packages are also built according to your needs and preferences. They also bear the name Magic Your Way.

Magic Your Way Packages are broken down as follows:

  • Magic Your Way Package
  • Magic Your Way Package plus Dining
  • Magic Your Way Package plus Deluxe Dining
  • Magic Your Way Premium Package
  • Magic Your Way Platinum Package

I believe the main reason for purchasing a Disney vacation package is pure convenience. Everything is handled by Disney and it is a very simple booking process.The basic make-up of a package includes accommodations at a Disney Resort and Disney tickets. There are always a few extras included with your package, such as complimentary use of Disney’s Magical Express and Photopass, luggage tags, or maybe even promotional restaurant or recreation certificates.

Another great reason for choosing a Disney package is the ability to add on one of the Disney Dining Plans. Having a dining plan really makes your vacation all-inclusive (except for tips and souvenirs). The economic benefit of the dining plan depends on the ages and eating habits of the members of your party, as well as the extent to which you plan your meals. Choose a dining plan below for further explanation and also to view the official Disney Dining Plan brochures.

Disney World Dining Plans:

You can always purchase the components of a package separately. You may even save a few bucks by doing it this way, especially if you are eligible for discounted tickets through the military or an outside vendor. Disney also usually has some really great discounts on room-only bookings.

Again, I can’t stress enough that you need to do your homework to determine the best tickets and packages for you and your family. I said it before and I’ll say it again, take it one step at a time, be sure you understand your options, and then pick the best ones for you.

Happy Planning!

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