Have Water Delivered to Disney

This might sound crazy but having water delivered to Disney World was one of my best ideas ever!

It is now my favorite tip to pass along to family and friends when they go to Disney.

Did you know that you can have cases of water delivered directly to Disney, right to your resort, before you even arrive? 

Now why on earth should you do this? Well, bottled water is expensive at Disney World. We’re talking about $2.50 plus per bottle. I do believe that a bottle of water is considered a snack on the Disney Dining Plans (both basic and deluxe), but why waste a snack credit on water? Simple solution – have it delivered to your resort.

Now, if you don’t mind the taste of the tap water, go ahead and drink it. Bring your own water bottles and keep refilling them. We did this during on of our trips and it was fine, but we did have to lug 5 water bottles on the plane and keep track of them throughout the trip.

In comparison, on another trip, I had three cases of water waiting for us at check-in. It was great!

So, having water delivered to your resort at Disney World it is a very inexpensive and convenient way to get an absolute necessity - WATER. Especially if you are vacationing during the warmer times of the year. Or if you have a husband who drinks a gallon of water a day!

In the words of my husband, “Hydrate or Die!”

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