Which side of the street during a Disney parade...

by Janine
(Seattle, WA)

One of the things that we learned the hard way during our stay at Disney World was that if you are on the wrong side of the street when one of the parades start you cannot cross the street! Cast members are there to discourage this for the safety of the visitors.

We ended up along Main Street when the parade started and decided that we wanted to go ride some of the rides that typically have long lines but, we were unable to cross over once the parade started.

So take note of start times and make sure you are close to the attractions you wish to visit if you don't want to watch the parades.

Once you are there, you are stuck.

Kathy's notes:
So very true! Keep in mind that the stores along Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Blvd in the Disney Studios are usually connected. If you find yourself in the middle of the block during a parade, just duck in one of the stores and you can usually avoid crowded sidewalks and exit the store at a corner where it might be possible to cross or at least get closer to your intended destination.

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